Title:  Divorced Home: A tool for destroying children's life

Children from broken homes often have the tendency towards diligence problems and may therefore suffer psychological adjustment problems. The growth of the children from broken home may be retarded and their development may lead them to be under achievers or at times non achievers in life, children from broken homes tend to play a lot of truancy in school also they tend it difficult to live happily with colleagues sometimes their behavior tends to be unusual, disrespectful and delinquent many children at times could not cope with the academic rigor later become dropouts. Insecurity of life, retardation of progress and other wise may set in psychologically, they may lose courage to survive life and fall out from their peer to constitute nuisance and from bad behavior that will be detrimental to the society, some of such behavior are prostitution, alcoholism, drug addicting and smoking. Other emotional and unhealthy characters that may likely generate from them are cruelty, malice, nagging, isolation and they may even find it difficult to trust each other. The effects of broken homes are injurious to the socio economic and political life of our country. Children from broken homes are not well catered educationally, physically, morally and mentally such pupil are lacking in proper home upbringing. They are the vagabond’s armed robbers, thieves and other criminally minded people in our society today. Furthermore, broken home aid growth of indiscipline and lawlessness in our society. In divorces family, bringing up pupils most times is being disrupted by divorce and separation of working parents since they now faced hectic schedules which make them find it difficult to meet the emotional demand of their pupils. Some pupils of divorced parent take order from whomever they are living with types of conflict in the polygamous family man not present. The psychological problem associated with the family type is the absences of paternal and maternal love, warmth care which are vital in the life of the pupils. Conclusively, divorced home has a great impact on children academic performance, the wellbeing of children, the future of children and entire life of children.

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